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Food Processing Solutions for Linear Motion


Automation technology is a fundamental building block for all food product and packaging machines. UMot have developed various models of linear motors with highly hygienic stainless steel designs which provide machine builders with optimal components for putting the manufacturing and packaging processes in motion in the food products industry.

They can perform standardized, highly dynamic, linear or linear-rotary motions in the housing of a single motor type.In combination with freely programmable motion parameters via the drive, hygienically designed UMot linear motors provide a high level of flexibility and the ideal solution throughout the entire production process:

Beverage filling,Placing products in packages,Cutting food products,Packaging,Sealing,Compressing,Single and multiple closures,Unloading,Valve drives,Decorating,Labeling,Packing systems,Transport etc.


1. Bread Robot


Two-axis packaging robots do considerable work in assembling and packing food items like baked goods, boxed cereal, boxed dairy products and mincemeat in trays. The system involves picking, placing, arranging and conveying individual items and the final packages. A wide range of UMot components contribute to this vital food-processing function, including ball screws, guides, full linear motion systems and planetary gears and servo motors – all meeting strict washdown demands.

Belt Driven Linear Unit

Facilitates rapid transfer of in-process material to maximize line throughput.

Precision Linear Actuator

Accurately raises and lowers vertical gripper assembly to grasp and release product.

Planetary Gearhead and Servo Motor

Provides torque amplification and speed reduction to accurately position vertical axis on conveyor beds.

Linear Guide and Ball Screw Assembly

Accurately positions food and accounts for variation in product size.

2. Food Vending Machine


Actuators of multiple sizes, ball screws, gearheads and full linear motion systems combine to control the multiple stages in this application, where frozen dinner boxes are placed in a microwave and heated before being delivered to a hatch for the customer.

Here, as with a food packaging robot, ball screws can replace actuators in many cases, to provide more customizability at reasonable cost.

Linear Actuator and Linear-Motion System

The dinner box is pushed out of the freezer by a linear actuator and positioned sideways via a linear-motion  system, which is driven by a motor and a gearhead.


Actuators push the dinner box onto a transport conveyor and also open the hatch for access by customer.

Customers around the world use innovative UMot drive technology, ensuring greater flexibility with shorter product cycles.

As the comprehensive technology enterprise which integrating sales,production,research and development in China, UMot is committed to the promotion of Industry 4.0, providing comprehensive solutions for motion control,product support ,and technology service all over the world. 

Specializing in the production of servo motor, stepper motors, industrial robots, linear module and motion control system solutions. 

“Be your most trust partner!”--is our persistent pursuit.

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